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Title Advisor Sponsor Completed?
Triggering and detecting lightning strikes Kochersberger SRNL  
Remote monitoring project Kochersberger MSI  
Image analysis of cropland for enhanced production Kochersberger DuPont  
Methodologies for Autonomous Radiological Search Kochersberger University of MD / DTRA  
Sensor fusion and state estimation for small unmanned aircraft Kochersberger NIA  
Development of a variable autonomy sUAS Kochersberger NIA  
Site addition to the Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Kochersberger NSF I/UCRC  
Tactical electronic warfare test Kochersberger Hume Center
Day/night system for flight path identification Kochersberger TORC Robotics, LLC
Railroad track survey via unmanned aircaft Kochersberger Bihrle Applied Research
Vision-based track infrastructure monitoring Kochersberger Bihrle Applied Research
Flight test support for LiDAR and stereo payloads Kochersberger Astrobotic Technology,Inc
Image analysis of cropland for enhanced production Kochersberger DCR
Hybrid aircraft design Kochersberger Deng Huang
Development of an intercollegiate competition in aerial precision package delivery Kochersberger National Institute of Aerospace
Morphing Flight Control for Small UAVs Kochersberger AVID LLC, AFRL Eglin AFB
Harmonic Analysis Methodologies for Autonomous Radiological Search:  A Data Driven Approach Kochersberger DTRA
AAVT – AUVSI Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition Kochersberger AUVSI
Aerial Nuclear Materials Detection and Sampling Kochersberger SRNL, DTRA
Plume Source Localization Utilizing Unmanned Aircraft Kochersberger VaCAS
Unmanned Sample Retrieval System Development Kochersberger PNL
Solid State Morphing Flight Control Kochersberger AVID, LLC
Smart Material Aerodynamic Control Kochersberger, Inman, Kurdila CIMSS
Unmanned Surface Vehicle Competition Leonessa AUVSI
DARPA Urban Challenge Wicks, Hong, Cartensen DARPA
3-D Aerial Mapping for Autonomous Platforms Using Stereovision Kochersberger PNL
AAI Landing Gear Redesign Kochersberger AAI
Engine/drivetrain enhancements on the SR200 helicopter Kochersberger Rotomotion LLC