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Eric Link (2021 — Present)
M.S. Mechanical Engineering

"My research is based on Image-Based Analysis for Disaster Environment Classification. I will be graduating in May 2023."


Matt Dejager
(2021 — Present)
M.S. Mechanical Engineering

"My research focuses on use of Additive Manufacturing in bead foam molding for drone applications. I also support ADDA, a Unicef sponsored program to provide quality drone education to Africa. I will be graduating in Dec 2023"


Diksha Aggarwal
(2022 — Present)
PhD Mechanical Engineering

"I am working on Autonomous search for landing sites in different environments. My work also involves terrain aware flight path generation.  I expect to graduate in 2026"


Joshua Lewis
(2021 — Present)
BS Aerospace Engineering

"I work on developing, testing, and maintaining several of our uncrewed aerial systems. I will be graduating in May 2023."


Sarthak Deshmukh
(2022 — Present)
MS in Aerospace Engineering

"I am currently working on novel drone design concept for application of road & public safety. I also handle updation of Uncrewed Systems Laboratory (USL) & African Drone and Data Academy (ADDA) websites. I expect to graduate in May 2024"


Katie Moncure
(Joined in 2023 )
MEng in Aerospace Engineering

"I am currently working on novel drone design concept for application of road & public safety. I will be graduating in May 2023"

Lab Alumni

Recent Ph.D. graduates:

1.      Brian César-Tondreau
Dissertation: Towards Improving and Extending Traditional Robot Autonomy with Human-Guided Machine Learning, Virginia Tech, Sept, 2022.

2.      Haseeb Chaudhry
Dissertation: Fixed-Wing Classification via perceived motion characterization using Time Frequency Analysis, Virginia Tech, Sept, 2021.

3.      Alfred K. Mayalu Jr.
Dissertation: Beyond LiDAR for Unmanned Aerial Localization using Sparse Planar Features in GPS-Denied Environments, Virginia Tech, May, 2021

4.      John Peterson
 Dissertation: Autonomous source localization, Virginia Tech, 2020

Recent M.S. graduates:

1.     Patrick Braun
Thesis: 3D path planning for radiation scanning of cargo containers, Aug, 2022.

2.     Jonathan Keller
Thesis: An exploration of the acoustic detection and localization of small uncrewed aerial systems, Aug, 2022.

3.     Alexander Broz
Thesis: Human-UAV collaborative search with multiple concurrent flights and retasking, Aug, 2022

4.     Avery Sebolt
Thesis: Modeling and control of dual-motored tail-sitting flying wing using a fuzzy logic PID controller, July, 2022

5.     Manav Gandhi
Thesis: Analysis of Sensing Technologies for Collision Avoidance for Small Rotary-Wing Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles, May, 2022.

6.     Amarir Amine
Thesis: Pre-assessment of the Impact of Designb Challenge Fabrication Modality on Engineering Self-Efficacy, May, 2021.

7.      Brianna Friedman
Thesis: Drone imagery applied to enhance flood modeling, May, 2021

8.    Shivam Chourey
Thesis: Cooperative Human-Robot Search in a Partially-Known Environment using multiple UAVs, Aug, 2020.

9.     Sandhya Bhaskar
Thesis: Adversarial learning based framework for anomaly detection in the context of unmanned aerial systems, Virginia Tech, May, 2020.

10.    James Donnelly
Thesis: Semi-dense stereo reconstruction from aerial imagery for improved obstacle detection, Virginia Tech, July, 2019

11.     Anthony Wagner
Thesis: Online unmanned ground vehicle mission planning using active aerial vehicle exploration, Virginia Tech, May, 2019